Natural, pure ayuervdic soaps made by women-only enterprise

January 27, 2019

I’ve been thinking about soaps.

Maybe that’s a strange thing to be thinking about, but I love soaps… when they are “unique”.

There are only a very few soaps I would call “unique”, one-of-a-kind soaps you can’t forget once you have used them.

We use soaps every day. Most of the time we don’t think twice about the cake of soap we use to wash our hands, faces and bodies. For convenience many people use liquid soaps. 

Some soaps can be an incredible luxury. Have you ever had the experience of opening an exquisitely wrapped cake of soap, inhaling its scent, using it in your shower or bath, and marveling at the experience… of how it smelt, how it felt on your skin and how marvelous you felt afterwards?

I admit, that doesn’t happen often.

The first time I experienced this was with the handmade ayurvedic soaps my guests received at my Indian wedding. These were truly “unique” soaps. 

I met my husband in India and we were married there in a week-long series of traditional celebrations. (We also had an Australian wedding but that’s a story I’ll keep for another page of my journal.)

Every wedding guest was given a soap, handmade by an all-woman enterprise. It contained pure, all-natural ingredients such as Turmeric, Neem, Tulsi, Galangal and Ylang Ylang,

blended into cold-pressed coconut oil with varying combinations of traditional ayurvedic herbs cultivated in the lush green lands of south India.

Each soap came in its own biodegradable shell made from (insert what its made from here).

Since then I use only these soaps in the bathroom. And so does my extended family and many of my friends who were at our wedding.

And now my Sugarcane Trading Co business distributes them!

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