Our Story

Sugarcane Trading Co   


Sugarcane Trading Co nurtures this truth with rugs meticulously handmade from upcycled clothing offcuts, boasting vibrant colours and striking patterns.

 My brother Tim and I are building on three generations of family retail and textile trading. And we are also descended from sugarcane farmers!

 So Sugarcane Trading Co is a name that resonates with our ancestry.

It is a fresh new brand grown from a passion to live life with intention and purpose. 

To slow down, buy less and consume consciously.

We are inspired to bring the best of artisan created homewares to people who share the Sugarcane Trading Co values… of sustainability and social responsibility through high quality, design-led homewares.

 To support artisans, Tim & I established a charity, The Sugarcane Trust, in India to help enrich the lives of the artisans and their families.

 Each time you buy a Sugarcane Trading Co product, you will contribute to the artisan communities who created it. 

 Sugarcane Trading Co aims to help you: 

- bring beautiful products into your home
- leave only the lightest touch on the world's resources
- preserve traditional artisan skills
- give back to less well-off communities

    Be inspired to live a beautiful life with conscious consumption.


    Why the Sugarcane Trading Co name?

    The Sugarcane Trading Co name has a lot of meaning for Tim and me. (We only recently discovered our family's links with sugarcane !).

    You can read about our family’s sugarcane connection here.

    Sally Murali and Tim Barnes