The Story Behind the Name

The Sugarcane name holds a lot of significance for my brother Tim and I.

It was nearing the end of a typical hot, dusty day in Delhi. Tim and I had spent the day meeting with potential new vendors and decided to reward ourselves with a glass of fresh roadside sugarcane juice.

We were buzzing with the exciting potential of our soon to be new venture when the juice triggered a forgotten but cherished childhood memory.

Every summer holidays, we would make the pilgrimage from Sydney to visit family up north and would pass through the sugarcane fields of southern Queensland.

We would stop the car and nick a few juicy stalks to snack on (sorry farmer!)

 It was then we decided it would be a great name for our new business, and realised it was "meant to be" when we told our Dad, who informed us our great, great grandfather was a sugarcane farmer!

 Textile trading has also been in our family for generations - below is our great grandfather's drapery store in country Queensland. It was taken over by our grandfather James Dawson Barnes in the 1940s (my father grew up in a house behind this store).

Daryboro Draper Store